100 Amos High – Restoring Man’s Greatness

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100 Amos High – Restoring Man’s Greatness



6″ x 9″

360 Pages

Written by: Rabbi Avraham Tabor

Published by: Feldheim

What does Hashem, your G-d ask from you? Only to fear Hashem, your G-d, to follow all this ways and to love him, and to serve Hashem, your G-d, with all your heart and all your soul. (Devarim 10:12)

THE TORAH has lofty aspirations for us – and it has provided us with the necessary tools to reach them. Based on a clear, in-depth understanding of tefillah100 Amos High guides towards this goal. It teaches how to gain an awareness of Hashem’s presence and His personal involvement in all areas of every individual’s life. Simultaneously, it empowers the reader to answer the call of Rav Tzadok HaKohen:“The same way he is required to believe in Hashem, he is required to believe in himself… that his Neshamah comes from Hashem, and Hashem receives pleasure and delight when we do His will.” The resulting sense of deep pride propels him further up the ladder of greatness.

Approbations :

“A masterful work… the style is very easy to grasp; it is enlightening to comprehend the concepts of Tefillah and Yiras Shamayim.”


Rav Aryeh Rottman, Dean, Yeshivas Mercaz HaTorah.

“The author has succeeded in uplifting the reader’s imagination to appreciate the depth and beauty of our daily berachos and tefillos.”

Rabbi Mordechai Potash, Author of Making the Most of Prayer.


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100 Amos High - Restoring Man's Greatness

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